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Incense Divination - Libanomancy

Libanomancy - "Divination by the Burning of Incense." From the Greek roots "libanos" = "frankincense" and "manteia" = "mode of divination."

"Libanomancy is the art of divination through incense. Signs are read in the flares, pops and crackling sounds as the incense burns upon the coals and also the shapes formed in the rising smoke. Incnese containing small seeds (corriander, jesamine, fennel, hemp) or vesta powder (salt peter) works well when asking a question of the oracle censer. Ask your question aloud, listen for the answer in the popping of the seeds or the flasking of the powder. For example, one sign for 'yes', two in quick succession for 'no', silence for 'the outcome is unclear'. Signs can be read by scrying in the smoke, watching its direction. If it drifts toward you it is a positive omen." - From "The Scented Altar" by Katlyn copyright 1993

There is an excellent website with a translation of a text on libanomancy at but for information on making your own incense for use in libanomancy, we suggest purchasing the book "Incense" by Carl Neal from us.

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