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How to Read Tarot

For centuries, practitioners of many disciplines have used the Tarot for divination, in ritual, and as a spiritual tool. Samhain is an especially powerful and influential time to do readings of any sort. Tarot cards are a tool for gaining insight into the mind, in cases where normal introspection is blocked by repression and self-censorship mechanisms. The advantage of using Tarot cards versus other divination methods is that Tarot cards provide a better map of the human condition than these other tools. By helping us gain insight through a map of images and meanings, we gain more insight and intuition to help us divine the inner meaning. Images and spreads on this page COPYRIGHT Il Scarabo

neftaro2.jpg - 15.54 K We recommend for use with this spread Nefertari's Tarot - The light of Egypt Ramses' bride. The magic and charm of ancient Egypt revive in Nefertari's treasure. 78 cards printed hot in gold,with instruction leaflet. These are a glittering and beautiful set to use and treasure. The gold on the images does not come out well however each card is beautiful with the swirling mists patterned in gold on each one. Information on the meaning of each card plus a simple spread is included and each deck is carefully wrapped in 4 separate smaller packets to ensure your cards arrive safely. £29.95/$44.95 neftaro3.jpg - 17.80 K

Osiris Body Spread

In the Egyptian Mythology Osiris was betrayed and killed by Seth, his brother, but was later resurrected by Isis, his wife.
This spread is useful to help and to heal. As Osiris' body had to be reconstructed by Isis, so the Consultant needs to pick up their strands after being hurt. Suggested with Egyptian deck or the above listed Nefertari's Tarot.
This spread can be done easily to oneself.

1. The head: Vision. Only when perception is clear can the healing begun.
2. The heart: Emotion. Feelings are the core to the human being.
3. The lungs: Energy. The breath of life gives strength to the whole body.
4. The arms: Action. Activity gives the soul purpose.
5. The leg: Motion. What is not here may be needed.
6. The finger: Details. Essential is made of the smallest things.

spreadosiris.gif - 55.01 K

medsca.jpg - 22.35 K We recommend for use with this spread Medieval Scapini - I cannot praise highly enough the art on this deck. Travel back to the grandeur of 15th century Italy through the art of this tarot deck. The Middle Ages are recreated through symbols, costumes, and settings against gold backgrounds. A very medieval/gothic feel with darker colours and gold highlights, this is truly a work of art. Slightly longer than most decks, this is well worth the price and both my partner and myself have bought this deck for ourselves, so taken are we both with the design. £23/$38

Celtic Cross

Probably the most used and best known Tarot spread, it is used in many different variations, with many different names.
It is a generic all purpose spread, useful in many situations, whether to answer to a specific question or to approach a generic query.

1. The inner self. What You are within yourself.
2. The outer self. What you are in relation to others.
3, 4, 5, 6. The distant past through the present. The chain of events that brought You here.
7. The quest. What You must search for.
8. The item. What You need to have, master or achieve.
9. The world. How the world reacts to You.
10. The outcome. The reward, synthesis, or possible future.
celticcross.gif - 72.80 K
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