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Crystal Balls

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CBselenite_s.jpg - 1.76 K
Selenite Crystal Ball - Selenite is a fragile crystal & can be scratched easily & therefore should be handled with care. It should not be left in water, but can be cleansed briefly in it. It is believed it can help mental clarity, insight & awareness. It can bring harmony to a rom & deflect bad influences. It can help to align the spinal column, help with the muscular structure & help with cell regeneration. These crystal balls are approximately 3" (75mm) in diameter. Please note that crystal is breakable, and we strongly recommend special delivery postage so as to properely insure the item. £30/$65
NOW157_s.jpg - 2.77 K
Maiden Mother Crone Crystal Ball Stand with 100mm Crystal Ball - What a wonderful ball and stand this is! The base is a heavy and beautiful resin base with the familiar Maiden, Mother and Crone motif of the three women's busts plus the whole base is just smothered in the ivy design making it look delicate but beautiful and very natural. We got lots of these because they are just so wonderfully beautiful. This includes a CLEAR 100mm crystal ball - is my look milky white on the picture but it is not. It is a clear crystal ball. £40/$92
CB3_s.jpg - 6.37 K
CB3 - Eye of Astrontiel - Three statues of the prophesying Demon of Fate support the 80mm dia moulded crystal sphere. Each one peers wickedly into his own 10mm crystal ball, while being protected by an overhead pentacle. £69/$127
clrcrysball_s.gif - 5.14 K
Small sized 50mm - For something small, we offer these 50mm crystal balls. We have finally been able to get these back into stock. John Dee's still outsells everything else but for those looking for something small, this is great. £21/$47
clrcrysball_s.gif - 5.14 K
Medium-sized 75mm - For something small and portable, we offer these 75mm crystal balls. We were surprised by the inexpensive options we were given by our wholesaler and so decided to bring this size back. John Dee's still outsells everything else but for those looking for something smaller, this is nice. £27.25/$64
clrcrysball_s.gif - 5.14 K
Hand-sized 100mm- For something a bit larger but still workable, I have a ball this size myself. For reading both stationary in a stand with a candle perhaps behind it or in your hand while reading cards, dowsing or other divination, this is both impressive and practical. I love my crystal ball and use it often - especially at Samhain! £37/$88
clrcrysball_s.gif - 5.14 K
Professional Psychic Size Crystal Ball- the preferred ball size by those of our customers who are professional psychics, this is a ball and stand set with a difference. The 110mm gives extra surface area and allows for better use but the real benefit is the clear stand that comes with it which elevated the ball higher than other stands and is still clear and so does not impede the psychic vision. This ball comes boxed with a wood stand. £43.50/$111
CB1_s.jpg - 6.43 K
CB1 - John Dee's Seal - is under the crystal ball which is supported by 3 dragons. Oh my is this a stunning beauty. The crystal ball is huge, John Dee's seal is well made and clear, the ring around the inside of the dragons to support the crystal ball is studded with red gems, the dragons themselves are with wings spread facing outwards with a pentacle overtop a flower crest on their chests and their feet under the seal with the tails of the three supporting the entire base. Called the Sigilum Ameth, the bone resin seal beneath the great 110mm Diameter crystal ball is a copy of that which John Dee, personal astrologer and geomancer to Queen Elizabeth I, was instructed to make in 1582 by the angel Michael. The crystal ball was then supported over the seal during scrying. The magnificent antiqued pewter dragon scrying stand is decorated with Austrian crystal jewels. £168.50/$312
CB5_s.jpg - 6.29 K
CB5 - Angels of Mercy - Three praying Pre-Raphaelite sarcophagus angels support the 110mm crystal ball, suspended in the cradle of their sumptuous wings. Each angel wears a sun disk crown of Isis, (with red crystal), while centred between them is the ancient and magical Star of Isis, the image and the power of which can be magnified when viewed through the crystal ball. £168.50/$312
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