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seasonswitch_s.jpg - 4.71 K
Seasons of the Witch: Poetry & Songs to the Goddess by: Patricia Monaghan - While not only music, this includes a CD which has an excellent set of poems set to music on it which deserve includion with any mainstream music CD. Listen to the Voices of Goddesses... With poetry and prose, litany and song, Seasons of the Witch measures the turning of a year, the cycles of the natural world, and the seasons of a woman's life. Lyrical and literate, much- loved and sought-after, the award-winning Seasons of the Witch is back in print. Written by Patricia Monaghan, one of the founding mothers of the women's spirituality movement, the original version of this classic book received the Friends of Literature award for poetry. Its poems and music are frequently used in both private and public rituals, and the poem "Burials" was selected as the invocation for the Worldwide Goddess 2000 Project.
This edition features twenty-eight pieces of prose and poetry for each of the four seasons. While the original drew heavily from Greek mythology, this revised and expanded edition includes many new pieces from Celtic mythology. Each section features a song for the goddess of light, a litany for the associated elemental creature, poems inspired by tarot cards, and love spells in the ancient poetic form of the charm. A four-part Goddess Instruction Manual is woven throughout the book, with lessons drawn from each season. Twenty-five of the poems have been set to music in an evocative and powerful CD that accompanies this book.
awinter_s.jpg - 11.74 K
  • Coventry Carol (2.20)
  • God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlement (6.49)
  • Good King Wenceslas (3.17)
  • Snow (5.02)
  • Seeds Of Love (4.54)
A Winter Garden - features musical collaborations between McKennitt, her touring band and an international cast of guest artists. The innovative, exotic arrangements of the three Christmas favourites conjure up a distinctly Middle Eastern musical atmosphere in which, says Loreena, "I hope some of the scent of frankincense and myrrh comes through." Elsewhere, Loreena's own haunting musical setting of the traditional English lyrics "Seeds Of Love" and the Archibald Lampman poem "Snow" (an earlier recording of which is found on her second album) offered hints as to the directions "The Book Of Secrets" would later take.
soundmassage_s.jpg - 9.07 K
Sound Massage - A stunning collection of music designed specifically to support the benefits of massage therapy. Sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson collaborates with outstanding members of the Soundings Ensemble to create healing environments through the music of flutes, harps, guitar and keyboards. Includes tracks from our best-selling, award-winning Sound Healing Series and Nature Music Series as well as four tracks of new music. A must-have addition for every bodyworker's medicine kit! In addition to a good massage table and quality massage oils, good music became a must-have part of a massage therapist's medicine kit. Some practitioners have even found that by "prescribing" music for their clients to take home with them, they can extend the beneficial effects of their work. If someone has had a positive experience listening to a certain piece of music during a session, being able to play the music at home will allow the effects to continue and activate the "relaxation response" when the music is played and the memory stimulated. Length: 65 Minutes £16/$30
thevisit_s.jpg - 9.26 K
  • All Souls Night (5.04)
  • Bonny Portmore (3.57)
  • Between The Shadows (4.03)
  • The Lady Of Shalott (11.05)
  • Greensleeves (4.15)
  • Tango To Evora (4.03)
  • Courtyard Lullaby (4.50)
  • The Old Ways(5.50)
  • Cymbeline (4.48)
The Visit - Loreena's first Juno award winner (1992), "The Visit" casts her early Celtic influences in an inventive and contemporary light.
This album Includes a haunting version of "Greensleeves", which some consider to be written by King Henry VIII, sung "as I imagine Tom Waits might have done it," Loreena suggests.
It also features a musical setting of Tennyson's famous poem "The Lady Of Shalott", a song which has since become one of Loreena's best-known recordings. Additionally, you'll find original works including "All Souls Night", "Bonny Portmore" (which was featured in the film "Highlander III") and the stirring instrumental "Tango To Evora", which can be found in the soundtrack to the National Film Board of Canada documentary "The Burning Times".
elemental_s.jpg - 9.08 K
  • Blacksmith (3.20)
  • She Moved Through The Fair (4.05)
  • Stolen Child (5.05)
  • The Lark In The Clear Air (2.06)
  • Carrighfergus (3.24)
  • Kellswater (5.19)
  • Banks Of Claudy (5.37)
  • Come By The Hills (3.05)
  • Lullaby (4.26)
Elemental - Loreena McKennitt's debut album and Quinlan Road's inaugural release. Like all her subsequent recordings, this album was self-produced. Its nine tracks showcase McKennitt's talents as a singer and harpist with fresh and memorable arrangements of traditional Celtic favourites, and musical settings of much-loved poems by Yeats and Blake. Featured guests include Cedric Smith and Douglas Campbell.
paralell_s.jpg - 10.38 K
  • Samain Night(4.27)
  • Moon Cradle (4.29)
  • Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance (4.20)
  • Annachie Gordon (8.22)
  • Standing Stones (6.56)
  • Dickens' Dublin (The Palace) (4.40)
  • Breaking The Silence (6.23)
  • Ancient Pines (3.35)
Parallel Dreams - One of the most successful independent releases ever in McKennitt's native Canada, it is also her first recording to feature original compositions. The poignant traditional ballad "Annachie Gordon" and the Native American/Celtic fusion "Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance" were recently featured on the acclaimed Irish compilation album "Celtic Woman", and "Breaking The Silence" was written for Amnesty International.
maskalbum_s.jpg - 9.92 K
  • The Mystic's Dream (7.40)
  • The Bonny Swans (7.18)
  • The Dark Night Of The Soul (6.44)
  • Marrakesh Night Market (6.30)
  • Full Circle (5.57)
  • Santiago (5.58)
  • C� H� Mise Le Ulaingt?/The Two Trees(9.06)
  • Prospero's Speech (3.23)
The Mask And Mirror - has now sold more than two million copies worldwide and was honoured with a 1995 Juno Award for Best Roots/Traditional Album. It spans Spanish, Celtic and Moroccan influences, and follows paths of inspiration from Ireland to Santiago de Compostella. Included are musical settings of poems by St. John Of The Cross and Shakespeare, as well as eclectic, richly-textured originals including a seductively dramatic "The Mystic's Dream" (as featured in the Paramount Pictures film "Jade") and "Marrakesh Night Market".
tboscov2_s.jpg - 9.95 K
  • Prologue (4:22)
  • The Mummers' Dance (6:07)
  • Skellig (6:07)
  • Marco Polo (5:15)
  • The Highwayman (10:19)
  • La Serenissima (5:09)
  • Night Ride Across The Caucasus (8:30)
  • Dante's Prayer (7:11)
The Book of Secrets - The album features a cast of over two dozen musical collaborators, and the eight songs contained therein, including North American hit single "The Mummers' Dance", leads the listener on unexpected journeys. Follow the music from ancient Byzantium to a puppet-maker's theatre in Sicily, or from the rocky island of Skellig Michael once inhabited by Irish monks in the Dark Ages to Venice and the journeys of Marco Polo, or from the tragic narrative of "The Highwayman" to the thunder of hooves across the Caucasus and the echoes of Dante's words found, unexpectedly, in a train journey across Siberia.
todrive_s.jpg - 11.84 K
  • In Praise Of Christmas (6.06)
  • The Seasons (4.55)
  • The King (2.04)
  • Banquet Hall (3.53)
  • Snow (5.35)
  • Balulalow (3.09)
  • Let Us The Infant Greet (3.46)
  • The Wexford Carol (6.07)
  • The Stockford Carol (3.02)
  • Let All That Are To Mirth Inclined(6.52)
To Drive the Cold Winter Away - Seasonal music with a fresh and serendipitous approach, this collection of traditional and lesser-known winter and Christmas carols was recorded on location at a Canadian church, an Irish monastery and an Irish artists' retreat.
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