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in memory of Dr. Leo Louis Martello Obituary
Dr. Leo Louis Martello
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Photo from http://www.geocities.com/dkirkbost/leo-martello.html

Official obituary below is from

It is with great sadness and heavy heart AREN, formerly know as WADL, mourns the passing to Summerland of Dr. Leo Luis Martello, our founder.

Dr. Martello will be sorely missed by both AREN and Our Community his wisdom, guidance and advice were both sought and respected by all Traditions. While Dr. Martello was of the Strega Tradition his sage council and advice was sought by Witches and Pagans of all Traditions. Dr. Martello freely offered help to any who asked or needed assistance when discrimination arose.

Dr. Martello was the first to recognize a need for someone to publicly speak for the Pagan/Witch Community when he founded Witches Anti-Defemation League (WADL) later changed to Witches Anti- Discrimination Lobby then to Witches Anti-Discrimination League,. Dr. Martello lovingly nurtured this fledgling organization through its growth pains and established it as a voice for equal rights for Our Community.

Dr. Martello was a prolific author, writing several books on Our Craft that are still considered to be some of the best reference works written.

Dr. Martello retired from public life in the early 1990's however his advice was still sought by many leaders and groups.

Per his wishes his remains have been cremated by the Administrator of his estate. The following Memorial has been issued by Dr. Martello's Trinacrian Rose Coven (Church) based in Medford, Massachusetts.

Dr. Leo Louis Martello
1931 - 2000

It is with a heaviness of heart that we announce to the magickal community the unexpected passage of Dr. Leo Louis Martello, who crossed over into the Sumerland at the end of June 2000.

Born of a Sicilian immigrant farming family during the Depression Era, he eventually settled in New York City where he lived most of his adult life and through to his death.

Leo was the first to sponsor a public magickal circle in New York back in the 70s when Witchcraft as a religion was little-known, let alone public. During his life he consulted to a number of traditions and covens and aided in the development of their unique books of shadows. He was a respected elder of the Trinacrian Rose Coven (Church) based in Medford, Massachusetts.

During his life, Dr. Martello founded the "Witches Anti-Defamation League", later renamed the "Witches Anti-Discrimination Lobby" (WADL), as one of the first Witch and Pagan Civil Rights organizations in the USA. Its existence eventually spawned many similar groups with similar names long after Leo passed its operation on to other capable hands.

Leo Martello was an author of a book and manuscripts on the "Craft of the Wise" from his perspective of a Sicilian heritage. His works were the first to be published in the USA regarding Sicilian Witchcraft within the constraints placed on him by his elders.

Following Leo's wishes, Rev. HPS Lori Bruno of Medford, MA. an elder of Leo's tradition and administrator of his estate, had his remains cremated per his wishes.

A memorial web page and guest book has been set up at: Short URL: http://go.to/leo-martello(Pending Activation) Root URL : http://www.geocities.com/dkirkbost/leo-martello.html

A remembrance and memorial day is being planned for sometime in August 2000 at a location yet to be named in his native state of Massachusetts. This will be announced at the memorial web site shortly.

Stories, remembrances, or messages of condolence may be posted at the memorial web site, or may be sent to Lori Bruno per below.

Those seeking to issue a more substantial remembrance may wish to consider making a donation in Leo's name to their local HIV/AIDS related charity or local animal shelter. Both were favorite charities of his.

Questions, inquiries, or other letters may be forwarded to:

Lori Bruno
33 Everlyn Ave.
Medford, Ma 02155

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