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We have gathered here some mirror sites about wicca. These pages are to help you gather more information about the diverse topic known as Wicca/Witchcraft. The links page of this site gives an excellent selection of sites to visit. We hope these few wicca oriented pages give you some ideas. If you'd like to submit an article for this page, please do so! Just email Sioned and send her the article for approval.
More, we hope, will be added.
If you wish your site to be mirrored here, please let us know.

Coven of the Mists

Ask a Witch!

Differently Abled Pagans

Obituary for Doreen Valiente

Obituary for Cecil Williamson

Obituary for Stewart Farrar

Obituary for Dr. Leo Louis Martello

Pagan Name Generator

About the Athame

Candle Magic

Gardnarian Wicca

Glossary of terms

Tool Consecrations

Pagan Purity Test (fun!)

Book of Spells

Book of Shadows Online

candle.gif - 3.4 KWish Keepers and Spell Bottles

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Perfect for keeping ashes of a spell, a spell scroll or any spell componants close to you as well as allergy medicine, mad money or other needful things. The story of The Keeper (tm) started when mankind first bagan to dream... Throughout all cultures a Keeper (tm) or amulet has given men, women and children inspiration and security. In it you can put the seeds of your dreams, tokens of love or admiration, words of laughter or joy, memories of times past, secrets held close, a Talisman of luck and power, or symbols of your faith. The magic it contains is bound only by the limits of your imagination. It may contain the simplest of greetings or the sparks of your most elaborate spell. Wear it and acknowledge the infinite possibilities within you. Inscribe your spell and each day wear it close to your heart as it works its magick. Each one comes in a beautiful box with the story of the Wish Keeper (tm) and instructions for care if the Keeper (tm) is silver plated. We have one solid sterling silver Keeper (tm) which is the Celtic style.

MJ103 - Plain - £13.50/$22 MJ104 - Ankh - £15/$25 MJ105 - Aztec single band - £16.50/$27 MJ106 - Aztec double band - £18.75/$30 MJ107 - Filigree single band - £16.50/$27 MJ108 - Filigree double band - £18.75/$30 MJ109 - Moon and Stars single band - £16.50/$27 MJ110 - Moon and Stars double band - £18.75/$30 MJ111 - Solid Sterling Silver covered in delicate Celtic Knotwork - £28.50/$45 MJ112 - Solid Sterling Silver covered in bold Celtic Knotwork - £28.50/$45
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