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I have the answers to your questions, at least it is the way that I perform the things that you are looking for.
To anoint candles, take a speficic oil ( one that coresponds to your desire...ie:money oil for money spells...and rub from the top to the middle, then from the bottom to the middle, in that exact way, all the time thinking about your desire. Before you do this, you may want to inscribe the candle itself with the speficic purpose that it will be used for. You can do this by either using your language that you use in every day use, or get a hold of a book that describes different witch languages that were used way back when. It seems to give the spells an added umph!!.

To open a circle, find out first which direction is north, south, east, and west. Place a candle that cooresponds to the direction at each corner. Then using a broom, sweep outwards casting out all impurities around the desired space. After completing this, light each candle with saying an invocation to the direction( for an example: "I call to the watchtower of the North, and as that you watch over our circle, join in our festivities, and guard against us from all evil that might want to enter." ) You can even include the direction's element, and color if you want to . After saying this, take your athame(sword or blade) and draw a pentacle, invision it to be a glowing blue or white light over the spot where the candle is placed. Proceed to do this to all four corners, starting with the north, and ending with the south. Once done, say, this circle is now complete, thanking all directions and again asking for them to join in and partake in the festivities.
Once your circle is open, then light candles to honor and call the God and Goddess, and any other deities that you may wish to join you. Again, do not forget to thank them and allow them to leave your circle when you are finished. As with the candle colors, there are countless meanings on the colors. Go to your local bookstore, and find a book on candle or even color magic. There are a few good ones out there. Let me know how your doings went!!
Blessed Be!!

first let me begin from the end and work backwards candles are anointed "blessed"by first touching a small amount of oil "kind depending on spell you wish to effect" holding your taper in your hands and placing the impresion "through visualization and concentration" as you resite you "spell" you rub from the middlr of your taper towards the top once begun you must only massage in the same direction as you rub the taper . after you have "burned "your spell into the upper half you rverse the process with the lower half of the candle againn rubbing in only the direction from middle owtward the same as with the top

now as for colors there are actually many schools of thought on this in my mind the color of a taper matters much less than the amount of working that has been infused into the candle itself. but there are many list of specific traditions favoured color for a certain porpuse on the net . in fact all of these questions can be answered in a very few minurunning a search under "wicca spells candle" but its to me more of a common sense to me something in the order of red for things like passion white and silveer fot the goddess etc.etc. but there are lsts of specific uses for easch coler and oil on some great pages like grandmother spiders spiderweb and witches voice

now to invoke a circle you can also find this information and most anyting you seek to understan the web with a simple search but the circles takes some power of vizualization you would waol the circl clockwise three times whali vizualizing the power flowing from your hands in a green or blue mistt of power flowing from you as you walk the circleyou then visualize that formation of power growing up around your circle until it meeets at the top the close it at the bottom to create a sphere of your own power and power borowed from the goddess in calling the dieaties its a very personal thing for you do not "call " or "order" a god or goddess you invite or request thier presence and aid in your working after th ritual again you should thank and perhaps leave an offering or sacrifice such as loave cake or ale or wine something to thank then for the help that they have lebtagain you can finda more precise writ on the web . there are many many great rescources out there as well as books my best dugestion to you would be to sek out such postings and books and study its much better to learn these things in a more prsonal manner than to just send a posting to gain from others working whitch is its just much more enlightening than to just have someone else send you a few half answers to what you seek.

Type of ritual
Purpose of the ritual
A. Ritual preparation
B. Open circle
C. Invocation of Deities
D. Statement of purpose
E. Actual working
F. Meditation
G. Thanking the dieties
H. Closing the circle.

You can change these steps around or add some as you see fit.

Blessed Be and Good Luck,


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