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Anyhow back to animal spells:- Personally I wouldn't use spells in this instance but I am sure that others can help with some suitable suggestions. I will throw in my views for you to consider alongside other sources. Spells alone won't help they are often the impatient humans answer, which has no relevance to the animal world. Look for spells that work on your ability to understand what you see and concentrate on developing you understanding. So you need some magical tools First get a camera preferably with a long lens so you can be far enough away not to inhibit the animals, a good pair of boots and a rucksack, pack the rucksack with things you have to do.... Books to read homework that needs doing etc. then go sit in a field park or somewhere else that animals are, start with herd animals it's easier cows, horses, sheep, rabbits, pidgins what ever groups you can find. Next go for a walk you need animals in small groups somewhat removed from human influence watch them closely and take photographs of the moments that will help you to remember a sequence of incidents. Listen smell and feel the air watch closely get into trance mode (unaided this is not safe space) where you can and open your mind. Try to improve your senses try to match your subjects abilities so that you can see the colour of the wind and hear the plants growing. This is a level that many mammals and some birds communicate on. And will take some reaching but keep trying. Put the pictures up in plain sight wherever you spend time the power of photographs is not when you study them, it is the memory they trigger when you catch a glance at them from the corner of your eye. Learn the shouts move what makes a group react as one what makes them relax you will be surprised by some things that you will learn but once you have learned the obvious then you can tune into the more subtle things. Once you can move in without disturbing the animals get closer, you will learn to move, breath and think correctly so that you are accepted as a fellow not seen as a threat. This is the point that you have learned the generic language that exists between species and will start the process of shifting from human to animal, Now you can start to learn the different means of communication. It's not that I don't believe in spells but the main power of a spell is the focus it gives in this particular task you will need more focus than most spells can give. Look for cloaking spells to get you started, look for spells that will help you be accepted.

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