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>I have a favorite garnet ring with a silver band which I wear all the >time and was wondering if there are any good spells to give that ring >any added protection to ward off negativity in my environment. I am a >Pisces.

Place the ring in the West of the room you wish to cast the spell in. Place around it shells and symbols of water. Take the silver ring and in a shell filled with water mix some salt in. Say over this

"Creature of water, I bessech of thee. Protection from harm is what I wish for me. In to you this ring I place, bind the protection well and to evil give chase."

Leave the ring in overnight in the light of the full moon and in the morning wash the salt water off, clear everything away and wear it!

To remove the spell, place it in earth in the north and say "With thanks for protection given I now wish this spell riven!" and leave it there overnight in a window during a new moon.


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