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OK. Take 3 green candles, some money oil (see below for recipie), some money incense (again) and a pouch filled with some change (doesn't matter how much but all silver should be prefered). The pouch should not be spent to don't go putting too much in it!

Annoint the candles, your pouch and your receiving hand (right if you are right-handed, left if you are left-handed and whichever hand you usually use if you are ambidexterous) with the money oil. Now, light the candles while keeping your mind clear of all throughts but attracting money to yourself.

Pass the pouch over the flames of the three candles thinking of nothing else but attracting money to yourself. Next, light a charcoal and drop three drops of money oil on it. Pass the pouch through the smoke thinking only of attracting money to yourself.

Next, put the incense on the charcoal and again pass the pouch over the smoke thinking of nothing but attracting money to yourself.

Now, focusing on the pouch, see yourself being handed money into your receiving hand. See smiling, happy people who gain no hardship from giving you money passing it to you happily and freely. See money flying to you from all over and you receiving it into your receiving hand.

Now see yourself with so much money you can also hand some to someone else who also has need of it. See yourself so rich from this spell that it is no hardship for you to pass a bit of your money on to that person. See yourself always receiving money into that receiving hand as long as you have the pouch.

Now, allow the candles to burn down safely someplace but once you are ready to leave, pass your receiving hand over the candles and say:

"By moon's silver light, this spell be done.
By midnight light, this spell de done.
Money come to me, this spell be done.
I will accept all money which is sent to me, this spell be done.
I am ready to accept money, this spell be done.
So mote it be"

Money Oil

3 parts ginger
2 parts orange
4 parts pine
2 parts cinnamon
1/2 part chamomile
1 part cedarwood
5 parts jasmine (optional)

blend in a wheat germ base and add the following herbs dried:
jasmine bloom
orange blossom
pine needles

shake well before adding the herbs then decant into a small bottle. Add the dried herbs (not too much! Just one blossom or bloom and only a few pine needles) and allow to stand for 3 days.

Money incense

2 parts Frankincense
1 part cinnamon
1 part nutmeg
1 part lemon balm
1 part citron

note that frankincense is a resin whereas the others are "herbs"

Good luck with it!

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