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These spells have been provided by the members of the spells list. No one at New Moon can comment on how to make them work or not work. While there is a spellcasting course available, please do not email New Moon asking how to make the spells work.
If you wish to join the spells list, just click on spells-join@newmoon-uk.com and you will be automatically joined as soon as you send the message.

magicalspell.jpg - 16.13 K Magical Spell Cards - (what follows is from the publisher. In my opinion, these are EXCELLENT! Simple spells where you can either choose a specific spell or use the cards to let the universe choose the spell you need. Also use it for divination!! I *highly* recommend these cards and if you buy 12 (I know, seems silly) get a FREE PACK!) These cards are enchanted, loving helpers created by Lucy Cavendish to help you tap in to the mystical powers of the Universe - and thus enrich your life. This 44-card deck will help you gain insight, grow in strength, and develop your own unique personal power, which will guide you through your daily challenges. The truly life-changing yet simple spells associated with these cards will allow you to welcome healing magic into your life, as well as lives of those you love. £12.99/$20

spellcastingSPELLS have their own page! CLICK HEREspellcasting

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candle.gif - 3.4 KSpell Books from Amazon

Below you will find a selection of books from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. You can purchase these books *only* through this online service - we do not have them in stock. By clicking on the price in pounds or dollars, you select either amazon.co.uk (pounds) or amazon.com (dollars). I have selected them based on experience and reviews. I have pasted more positive reviews next to the book.

spells1.gif - 6.66 K The Book of Spells : Over 40 Secret Recipes to Get Your Own Way in Love, Work, and Play by :Nicola De Pulford

Presenting many spells from many different times and cultures, this book features 42 enticing, exotic, and sometimes slightly erotic magic spells to help readers prosper at work, at play, or in love. 300 color illustrations.
*UK* price: Amazon.co.uk
US Price: Amazon.com

spells2.gif - 16.96 K The Little Book of Love Spells by Sophia

Professional psychic Sophia counsels modern women to let loose a flock of spells in order to either bring the man of their dreams to heel or push him away for a little breathing room. Lest you think these have been passed down through the centuries, we're talking about the "Kiss Me You Fool Spell," the "Bad Date Cleansing Spell," the "Spell to End an Office Romance," and even the "Spell to Unite E-mail Lovers." Well, why not? The New Age and the Electronic Age may usher in an Age of Everlasting Love. Try a spell or two and see.
*UK* price: Amazon.co.uk
US Price: Amazon.com

spells3.gif - 6.84 K Charms, Spells, and Formulas for the Making and Use of Gris-Gris, Herb Candles, Doll Magick, Incenses, Oils, and Powders-- To Gain Love, Protection) by Ray T. Malbrough

Nice formulas, etc., though it is written with Christian deities/Saints/etc. Also, some of the ingredients I've not heard of (and I've been involved for a couple years now), and it would be nice to have some explanations of WHY those things work. Still a nice book with a high review ranking.
*UK* price: Amazon.co.uk
US Price: Amazon.com

No picture Spell and Rituals by Teresa Moorey

This guide teaches the reader how to use rituals and spells as a means of focusing their mind, altering their consciousness and bringing about creative change in their life. It covers such topics as: seasonal rituals; rites of passage; marriage; blessing; popular superstitions; and spells.
*UK* price: Amazon.co.uk
US Price: Amazon.com

spells4.gif - 13.88 K Be a Goddess! : A Guide to Celtic Spells and Wisdom for Self-Healing, Prosperity, and Great Sex by Francesca De Grandis

Be a Goddess! shows you how to: cast spells for the good things in life-fun, fine food, a happy home, and romance, love your body and be cleansed in spirit, take a magical bath for the sheer pagan pleasure of it, gain the passion, sensuality, and unique individuality of Celtic shamanism, drink from The Cup of Love, a powerful love spell, and get just about anything you want--boom! flash of smoke!--by using The Spell Itself.
With this book you can gain the wild, natural power of goddess spirituality, learn to use the simple, potent magic of the Faerie folk, and become a goddess for life.
*UK* price: Amazon.co.uk
US Price: Amazon.com

spells5.gif - 14.87 K The Crone's Book of Charms & Spells by Valerie Worth

The posthumous publication of The Crones Book of Charms & Spells gives us one more chance to experience the melodic rhythm of Worth's prose and to feel the emotion stamped in her poetic inscriptions and incantations. Evoking images of the wise old woman in an isolated cottage, these carefully crafted potions, spells, charms, and amulets reflect the importance she places on taking delight in the process of one's work, as well as in the final product. The Crone's Book of Charms & Spells makes for entertaining reading, and with a little common sense and caution, will make a powerful addition to your own library. --Brian Patterson
*UK* price: Amazon.co.uk
US Price: Amazon.com

spells6.gif - 18.10 K Goddess in My Pocket : Simple Spells, Charms, Potions, and Chants to Get You Everything You Want by Patricia Telesco

A guide to taking control of your own luck, love, joy, and prosperity. Containing easy-to-follow spells, charms, potions, edibles and rituals the text is full of tips such as placing bay leaves under the legs of the office copier to keep it copying smoothly
*UK* price: Amazon.co.uk
US Price: Amazon.com

spells7.gif - 13.84 K Spells and How They Work by Janet Farrar, Stewart Farrar

In this authoritative study, the authors discuss the principles underlying all spells and explain why a successful spell is usually composed of three elements: intent, visualization, and will-power. Careful at all times to observe basic rules of responsibility that a spell should never intend anyone harm or manipulate anyone against their will this is a comprehensive guide to ways of effective spell-casting. This book covers all aspects of spells including psychic self-defense, sex magic, qabalistic magic, and talismans. There is a generous anthology of actual spells worldwide, past and present, drawn from history, literature, folklore, old grimoires, and from the 20 years experience of the authors. Spells of love, healing, weather, binding, and more combine in this unique addition to the literature on magical workings.
US Price: Amazon.com

spells8.gif - 13.84 K Advanced Candle Magick : More Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose (Practical Magick Series) by Raymond Buckland

A truely wonderful book full of candle spells to help you through your personal problems. Another reason why this book is good, is because it provides the the knowhow on where to obtain the tools, herbs, and color of candle to use on each particular spell. I dont reccomend such a book for the unexperienced. try the 1st candle magic book first. Amazingly, every spell I've tried so far in this book has worked. Even the ones not listed in the previous title.
*UK* price: Amazon.co.uk
US Price: Amazon.com

No Picture Curse Tablets and Binding Spells from the Ancient World by John G. Gager (Editor)

Provides an English translation of over 1000 tablets, written between the 5th century BC and the 5th century AD, which were used commonly in the Greco-Roman world to curse an enemy or rival. All tablets contained an incantation and were dedicated to a god or spirit
*UK* price: Amazon.co.uk
US Price: Amazon.com

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May the Goddess Bless and Protect you on your journey.

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