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Customer Comments

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The Pagan Purity Test has been a laugh and a half and more than that successful. If you enjoyed it or if you have enjoyed the site, please use the code below to link back to New Moon or please join our banner exchange at http://www.newmoonoccultshop.co.uk/cgi-bin/banners/ads_admin.pl. Every link helps us survive and thrive as a business - THANKS!

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We have had so much good feedback, we thought we'd pass it on. Many of our customers are so happy with our service and selection, as well as the personalized service, they suggest their friends and circle groups to shop here as well. If you scroll all the way to the end, you'll find a place to leave your comments as well. Here are some of the comments left so far:

"Found the website address in Prediction and being a desparate newbie surfed right in and found *everything*, including the most beautifull athame in the world. I'm makeing up a list of most wanteds right now. Many Blessings" C.R.

"i would just like to say how totaly wonderfull this site is. ive been going threw such a terrible time of late and finding this site will i'm sure help me out. theres so much to look at and learn. i love candles and believe they can help with lots of things,as you will no. i cant wait to see wot else you have on here. thanks again and well done." L.S.

"The best site in the UK! I moved from the US to the UK 3 years ago. Now I have found you! Hust as wonderful with lovely things. I am so pleased. Thank you. I have yet to purchase anything but only because I am having great difficulty deciding what I want first! Thank you for being there." D.C.

"Just thought I would let you know that your site is fantastic!! I'm currently waiting for my order which I placed a couple of days ago and am so excited about searching through all my lovely things!! I can't seem to drag myself away from the site though, I'm at work now but am still searching through all your wonderful products! Thanks for a great site! ~BxB~" N.K.

"I was really happy to receive my pentacle already. I didn't think it would get here until after christmas! The Celtic Knotwork pentacle is so much prettier in real life than it looks on the internet! Now my cauldron just has to arrive... (it was shipped seperately)" K.S.

"I received my scrying pendulum the other day and it's beautiful, thank you so much, I'll enjoy many an evening developing my skills. Looking forward to sending in my next order...Blessed Be." A.D.J.

"Just a note to say how delighted I am with the athame which arrived with great speed. Good quality and a really good feel to it. I will certainly be using your site again. Many thanks. Blessed Be." S.H.

"I would like to say that i am delighted to have found such a wonderfull web-site, it has everything that i need, I live in an area where it is very hard to find 'supplies' and certainly know that I shall be a regular visitor and will be recommending this site to anyone interested in the path! Thanks again!" P.D.

"I'am glad I'v found this shop, I know where to go to get all my Xmas prezzies now!! Wonderful products." S.W.

" I received a beautiful pentacle pendant from you so quickly, for which i thank you. You have such wonderful items and i am sure i will be placing another order very soon and in the future. Once again Thank You." W.C. Blessed Be.

"All hail New Moon! WOW you guys are the best. thanks>" S.B.

"What a fantastic site!! As I am just starting out, I have so much to get and not enough money to buy it. I have done the test and I am 85% pure but apparently must fart more..... I'll be back to order some stuff." H.T.

"You ARE the best pagan site on the internet! You are knowledgable, your products are of quality and you seem to enjoy sharing your love of magick and it's wisdoms with your fellow brothers and sisters! You are excellent and irreplacable! Please do NOT change!" M.A.

"Fantastic, haven't found a web site to match it. As I'm new to wicca this has everything. Keep up the good work. If there is a printed catalogue would love a copy to browse when I cann't get on the net because of the kids." J.W.

"Thank you for such an excellent service, quick delivery and the staff were helpful and a pleasure to talk to." J.M.

"Hi! A wiccan friend found your website & directed me to it. I thought it was fab, but found it hard to read & mentioned that it would be better black-on-white. Now it is; fabulous!" (no name)

"just to let you know your site is fantastic, ill be making an order soon and sure ill be as happy as every one that has writtin to you, keep up the good work, ..love and peace..texan witch.." R.S.

"Thankyou so much. I recieved my athame so quickly and I LOVE it. Im deffinatly buying more things from here when I have money. Blessed Be. xxx" Jess

"i orderd the slave ring before and was so pleased with it i orderd 1 more to go on my chain its great thank you. My mistress has orderd me the slave collar ring witch she loved the look of. I hope they get here soon." J.W.

"Thankyou very much for my order.I love all the pieces that you sent me. I found your site through Predition Magazine, and it is the best. Blessed be. "JC

"I shop regulally from your site and you have most of what i need. You are always my first port of call if i'm looking for something. Well done and keep it up. Bright Blessing" C.M.

"Just want to say Thankyou. Recieved my order today,i cant believe how quick it arrived. Once again Thankyou" J.A.

Re: Purity Test

Brilliant Quiz!

My additional comments were (for your amusement only?)

74 - I thought that the Farrars were clothing manufacturers & couldn't understand why all the rituals were done "sky clad".

79 - Craft tools in a tool belt?? Brilliant! When are you going to start stocking them? Hum? Will they have lots of pentangles on them?

90 - Loosing just a room in incense? I lost my whole ground floor & set of my smoke detectors on a regular basis, sometimes just with candles too!

94 - My sister works for Disney & it's a matter of pride on my part to hurange her about this on a regular basis - as does my mother (who is the one in our family who keeps a broom & cauldron as they're "witchy").

96 - dress up as a witch at halloween? Why when I can do it all year round??

Thanks I've forward it to all those who'll do it!

It was much better than the quiz for recovering Tarotists!


"Awesome! Racked my brain after finding your site... was there anything missing? At all..? Nope! Anything my heart desired was within about 4 mouseclicks of anything else my heart (also) desired! Even 'the one ring'. The ring I ordered is great, and it arrived swiftly! I shall return!" S. McQ.

"On another note, you guys have done a tremendous job with your website, and your product listing is fabulous. I am constantly telling my friends of your website. Please keep up the good work. I just wish that you guys had a shop here in the United States. The shops here aren't as well stocked, nor do they have the variety of offerings that you do. Thank you." Krys

"As a 15-year old, Herefordian, but very commited Pagan, I normally find it hard to buy accessible, affordable supplies and buying online's a hazard because I don't own a bank card or cheque book, and most sites are American. However, I discovered NewMoon and WOW! You can even pay through the post by money order or cash, and there is a cheap alternative for the solitary Witch on almost every page. Having been told that my Athame would come within 28 days, I was surprised when it appeared in no more than 5 days! Brilliant. Please don't EVER close down. " T.C.

"Hello! I sent an email after receiving my necklace from you but, after reading the customer comments, I just wanted to say again that the pentacle necklace (SS135) is beautiful (I'm wearing it now!) and that the service was very friendly and extra quick. I work in customer service/sales and feel that rather than only complaining we should thank companies or individuals for their hard work and pleasant attitude. Thanks New Moon! I'll definitely be coming back when I can afford it :D " Sam

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for shipping out my order so promptly. I really didn't expect to receive it so soon. I ordered 'my first pentacle' from you and I can honestly say it is lovely! :)
Bright blessings and I look forward to ordering more items from you when I have the money :D" S.S.

"I totally love this site, Everytime I go and look, I spot something that is just perfect for an upcoming birthday, wedding, or valentime gift, even if I have spent weeks previously searching the high street and internet stores for something appropriate, surprise...! the perfect thing shows up ..! I have a huge mental "wish list" and will be saving up my coppers for my next safari through new moon.!" H.G.

"When I ordered my athame from New Moon, I never expected it to arrive so quickly, and in such fantastic condition! I'd like to thank everyone involved for doing such a wonderful job - keep up the great work, all! Blessed Be!" K.N.

"BTW... I am extremely happy with the quality of the materials that I ordered. So often I have ordered materials from on-line occult vendors and have been disappointed in the quality of the items. The quality of your items were outstanding and in-fact better than represented on-line. Kudos!" D.C.

"Thank you for having a wonderfully diverse web site - I must say I am impressed with the range of products and with your speedy delivery!" W.

"I truly enjoyed your test, awesome layout I hope to purchase some fine articles from you, thank you for the experience" J.R.

"Thanks everso for such a great site, I have had some beautiful pressies via yourselves." - M.M.

"Just to let you know that my order arrived safely before Christmas so thank you very much! The pendant is absolutely beautiful - I love it! Thanks again" S.S.

"Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!! Your site is fantastic and I am more than delighted with my purchases. Lining up my next order right now!!" C.

"i came on the net looking for an occult shop to buy all my equipment from and found this excellent site! I surfed through the whole site and fell totally in love with the books of shadows, especially the most expensive ones!" G.M-B.

"My Book of Shadows has safely arrived. Thank you so much - your description on your website makes it sound lovely, but I am pleased to say that even that does not do justice to the reality! The book is a pleasure to work with. Thank you" J.E.

"I have received my goods, and very satisfactory they were too. I shall be shopping at New Moon again! Your info pages are really useful too." K.S.

"I just wanted to tell you that I finally received my order for one of your rose quartz wands, and it is absolutely exquisite. I never expected it to be that perfect. Thank you! I know I'll be just as happy with my next order, which hopefully I won'd have to wait as long for! Thanks again." E.M.G.

"this is the best site in the world i get ever thing from you guys when i get the money you are my hero you all rock from a male witch said that me" J.T.N.

I have made several purchases from your site, My partner and I have always been pleased with the products and the prices, BUT I have just completed the purity test on your site, I would really like to know 'what's wrong with talking to cats,'? I thought it was 'normal'! They don't really answer me though, I just thought I would add that for the hell of it - Diane !

I couldn't believe your site- it has everything and im so glad ive found it. Also i live in the uk and its been hard finding good stores in England. There is so much to look at and im definetly buying my athame from you! Keep up the brilliant work - F.C.

a friend recommended this site to me as it was based in the uk, i ordered something and was pleasantly surprised at the quick delivery speed! well done! - M.S.

I have finally found all the tools I have been searching for, and a few more I didn't even know I wanted. The quality of product, service and customer care is excellent. I look forward to being a regular patron of the New Moon Occult Shop. - C.F.

My stuff arrived so quickly and in perfect condition- quite rare these days! Thanks Newmoon :) - R.C.

it is kinda hard to do seems how im just beginning but i loved it!!!!! never get ried of this please. i'm telling all my friends to come take it!!!! thanks agien for all the fun. - A.M.K

i found the web page here at new moon by just surfing the web. i have been looking for pentacles for so long and now i have found loads. And i will make sure that i'll be one of the hundereds of people to shop here at New moon. keep the good work up!! - N.W.

"I was overwhelmed by the selection and I will have to get my athame from you guys!" S.H.

"The robe was perfect and was made as though I had been standing there getting measured. Thanks guys!" C.P.

"You guys are the greatest. My stuff was perfect and you were so helpful and friendly! I'll only ever shop here from now on!" J.L.

"Thanks guys the supplies are excellent!definately my one stop pagan shop from now on!" M.J.

"This sight is wonderful. I have never been able to get the selection I found here. This is a truly great sight." T.A.

"You are wonderful! The products were beyond my wildest dreams. Truly the best. Thanks again :) " S.S.

"Judith is wonderful, the most customer service oriented owner I've ever come in contact with. The products were magnificent, on par with the service. I'll never buy from anyone else again. :) Thanks again for everything!!!" X.S.

"I was just surfing around on the net when I came up onto your cool homepage. You have done a very good job. I really enjoyed how you laid out your graphics and your use of color. There are so many bad sites out on the internet that is is a true joy to surf up to a really nice one like yours! I liked the links that you had chosen as well as the actual content of your own homepage as well. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!" O.K.

"I've always wanted to find out more about this and I finally found it. thank you for being out there on the world wide web." M.A.C.

"This is the most complete Craft supply page on the net I've seen! I reccommend in to anyone in neeed of supplies." A.M.

"I found his sight from my causin and i love it As soon as i get enought money(ill try money spell) i will order robes and toooooons more" D.A.F.

"I really enjoyed your page. I am just getting started in the magick and stuff and its really neat. You guys are life savers, you have everything i need. Thank you" A.H.

"I love your web pages!!I love everthing about it!May you all walk in the path of the Lord+the Lady." I.E.

"TRULY EXCELLENT! I wanted to know what it was my sister is getting so in to. You've given me heaps! thankx!" L.C.

"I think this web site is the best, I LOVE the spells, and I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in Wicca and all the Pagan stuff." J.T.T.

"hi, i was trying to find some information on removing spells and came across your web site. its quite informative and its very nice to find such helpful information (esp. for free)" L.S.

"Top class pages, keep up the good work." SLIC

"Your products are astounding! I have never come across such a wonderful selection of Products, Links, and Spells before. I feel like this is the only place I have to go to find everything I'm looking for. Keep up the great work!" P.K.

"What can I say - Brilliant! I've been a member of some of your lists for over a year now, and have met so many wonderful people through them. The service you offer is second to none, you processed my order quickly and efficently - thanks for everything - especially for accepting credit cards. May the Lord and Lady bless you all - especially long-suffering Sioned:-)" R.H.

"New-Moon products are very beautiful." Anon.

"Great store! Really love your selection of items." L.G.

"Wow! This is what I was looking for, "Real" Altar Tools. Well Done! Blessed Be." M.J.

"You have a most excellent site , and the selection is fabulous . I love everything you have and the proces are very resonable for the quality of the wares. Keep up the good work I am sure there are those of us who greatly appreciate someone like you and your staff." D.P.

"Thank you for a wonderfully diverse and classy site; it's only as good as its people. Which says an awful lot about its 'people'. " L.L.S.

"I have always wanted to find out stuff about witchcraft and spells and your great page has lead me to do so. I have told friends about this page and they have also visited and enjoyed it. Thank you for being there. Always," E.S.

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