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Since 1996
New Moon Occult Shop

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Discounted stuff, damaged stuff, samples, discontinued items all on sale  from New Moon Ocult Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to pay for Special Delivery, Courier or Recorded Delivery?
    Royal Mail has admitted to delivering over 2 million pieces of first class mail each week late and they admit to losing over a million pieces of mail each week. We strongly encourage you to choose recorded/special delivery OR international recorded for our international customers to ensure delivery or if necessary tracability. Should you not select this option, we can make no guarentees with regards to delivery. Do not sign for anything until you have ensured the packaging is undamaged.

  2. How do I order?
    If you'd like to place an order we actually have several ways - there is the shopping cart but it requires the java on your browser to be working (we're looking into a new one) you can also order by email, mail, phone or fax. just pop over to http://www.NewMoonOccultShop.com/orderform.htm to check out the various bits of info we have there.

  3. I didn't select any secure shipping method and it has been 28 days since you emailed my order confirmation. What can I do?
    Contact us with your order reference number. We will give you the details about the size and weight of your parcel. You will then need to submit a trace with your local post office or parcel force division. We cannot do this for you.

  4. I don't have a credit card - Can I still order from you?
    YES! We accept CASH, cheques, credit cards, money orders, postal orders, travellers cheques but we do ask you check with us as all US$ cheques, money orders and travellers cheques are subject to the horrid bank's $9 fee.

  5. What are your shipping charges?
    UK FOLK: for orders totalling over 20 pounds the shipping charge is 10% of total
    orders totalling under 20 pounds pay a flat rate of 2 pounds shipping
    US FOLK: 20% of total, Orders under $25 pay a flat rate of $5
    CANADIANS: 20% of total, Orders under $25 pay a flat rate of $5
    EUROPEANS (EC): 15% of total, Orders under 20 pounds pay a flat fee of 3 pounds
    REST OF PLANET (excluding Atlantis): 25% of total, $7 minimum shipping fee
    Atlantians - please contact us for shipping arrangements.
    Please remember to check http://www.NewMoonOccultShop.com/orderform.htm for ordering terms and conditions.

  6. I need a copy of your catalogue-how can I get one?
    We do not have a catalogue. You can get a *PARTIAL* list from about 3 or 4 of the 12 sections we have by sending an email to catalog-join@newmoon-uk.com or send us 8 x 1st class stamps. This is a b&w catalogue with no pictures whatsoever and is missing more than 50% of our online stock. It is also superceeded by website changes so we always recommend the web.

  7. Where can I visit your shop? I need my order FAST!
    Currently, we have warehouse facilities only as we are now too big for a shop. You can visit us at a show like the PF National conference in Croydon or the PF Devon and Cornwall Conference in Tintagel or why not check our 2 main domains:
    http://www.newmoonoccultshop.co.uk and it's sister http://www.NewMoonOccultShop.com
    That's where we hide all our over 3,000 items of stock.
    If you select special delivery or courier delivery and specify in the order when you need this by, we can let you know if we can do it when we receive the order.

  8. How can I get on your mailing list?
    We have an email-only mailing list right now. As we keep costs down, so we can keep prices down. Each month we have more new products so why not join the over 13,000 folks on our new products list for the latest news? Just send an email to

  9. Where is my order?
    If you ordered using Special delivery, Courier or Recorded options, your order is done first and so you likely get your items very quickly. If you included a special request for a date needed by we do those next if no secure method of delivery has been selected. Then we do all our regular orders which is why we do require up to 28 days for delivery within the UK (more outside the UK).
    While we do process most orders within about 7 days, delivery is not that fast *especially* if you have not selected a secure method of shipping. Please don't ask where your order is or when are you going to get it unless a) 21 days have passed or b) you haven't had our autoresponder
    Please remember to check http://www.NewMoonOccultShop.com/orderform.htm for ordering terms and conditions. Requests about order status outside this time limit may not be answered.

  10. What are Signature digits?
    Signature or 'sig' digits (or 'CVV2' in the credit card business) are the numbers printed on the back of your credit on the paper of the signature strip, towards the top and right of the strip. There are between three and ten digits. We only require the last three.
    Mastercard & Visa have introduced this system to provide greater levels of security to protect the customer. The signature digits are separate from the embossed numbers and from those contained in the magnetic strip. This means that you need to have the physical card to know the number.
    We actually have no choice in collecting these digits, Mastercard and Visa will not authorise 'cardholder not present' ie mail order charges without them.
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